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Avalon 155 PowerLED Bi-Color, 10-30VDC, SS

Avalon 155 PowerLED Bi-Color, 10-30 VDC, Stainless Steel, Warm White/Red, Frosted Lens
The Avalon 155 PowerLED Bi-Color should not be confused with multi-color entertainment yacht lights commonly found on the market. This downlight fixture offers a fully functioning, full-brightness white LED light equal to the standard Avalon 155 in white LED brightness, while also offering an additional low-level “red” secondary color for night-time navigation or general safety lighting. Typical installations include down lighting for main salons or above helm stations. Both LED colors are fully dimmable from 0-100% and works with most off-the-shelf momentary switches (see specifications below for a link to our dimmer module). A 3 position switch will allow you to switch from white to red (or off). To see recommendations on wiring for all functions, see our installation instructions download on the side menu bar.

Price: $259.00
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