Interested in all things IMTRA? Here you'll find a few new and exciting featured products. Contact us today if you have any questions.

The Offshore LED Marine Deck Light - In collaboration with the Vision-X engineering team, this series was designed with the extra protections to survive life on the open ocean.

Pitmaster LED Commercial Marine Deck Light - made to Imtra's specifications, this marinized version of the legendary Vision-X Pitmaster is the ideal solution for all forms of maritime and shipboard operations.

Introducing The NEXT Generation in NorSap Seating - With decades of experience in the production of aluminum based chairs and equipment, NorSap continues to deliver high quality,comfortable solutions for a demanding market.

NorSap 1600 Standard - A comfortable range perfectly suited for demanding environments.

NorSap 1800 Active - Provides numerous options & configurations for full adjustability.

NorSap 4000 Impulse - A large module based platform offering endless options. 


The F-22 HO is an extremely low profile touch activated linear LED fixture featuring dual color operation. Installation could not be more simple, as the F-22 is completely surface-mounted, only requiring two screws for fastening. Turning the fixture on and off and/or switching from cool white to red LED is achieved via photo sensors which respond to finger touch.