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Lumishore SMX152 60W Color Changing Surface Mount Underwater Light -Two Light Starter Pack


This item is no longer available for purchase.

Includes 2 x Lights, Lumi-Hub, EOS Mini WiFi Controller, STV Terminator, 10.5-31VDC

Starter Packs are a great way to get all of the required components for your integrated lighting system in one pre-packaged kit, then simply add the number of lights you need to create the perfect lighting system for your boat. The SMX152 Two Light Starter Pack includes 1 Master Light,  Secondary Light, 1 Lumi-Hub , 1 EOS Mini WiFi Controller and STV Terminator.  When adding lights to your system be sure to order Secondary lights. You can connect up to 4 lights on 1 Lum-Hub, and up to 8 lights on 2.

With the SMX92 Two Light Starter Pack you will be able to enjoy unprecedented color control and ease of installation without the networking hassles. Simply connect the Lumi-Hub plug-and-play wiring system to your DC power source, plug in your lights along with your Lumi-Switch, and installation is complete!

This product is unavailable for online purchase.