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Boat Stabilizer Actuator Kit, Set of 2, with 92mm Shaft


The new SPS92B actuators for the Vector Fins™ are incredibly compact and silent, designed to fit in the smallest available space. The system offers the best boat stabilization available on the market.

The actuator is designed to rival gyro stabilizers by offering superior performance at anchor, underway or any speed in between. The very compact, low profile and efficient actuator allows one to install the SPS92B in the optimal location, usually a guest cabin, for superior stabilizer performance. It is virtually silent.

The SPS92B actuators have been designed to satisfy the needs of owner operated vessels with a total focus on reliability and hassle free operation. The lifetime sealed bearings, rack and pinion design, and installation of the fin from outside the vessel means minimal access to the actuator is needed.

Innovation does not stop with the actuator; Side-Power’s patented Vector Fin™ technology produces a vastly more effective stabilizer fin than conventional straight fins. The Vector Fin’s unique curved design is hydrodynamically optimized to reduce drag while reducing roll dramatically. At speed, the Vector Fin™ actually creates lift! 

The seemingly endless options of boat stabilizers on the market today make the choice complex. The SPS92B actuator is designed to provide full stabilization at Any Speed without compromise while other systems offer stabilization at specific speeds. For example, Gyro stabilizers offer stabilization at zero speed but loose effectiveness at speed. Traditional fin systems offer stabilization underway but loose effectiveness at zero speed. The Vector Fin™ solution offers the best of both worlds without compromise.


 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

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