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Lumishore TIX402-CCP-2; Set of 2 x EOS 36W Thru-Hull UW Lights w/Lumi-Hub & EOS Wi-Fi Controller


Alum Bronze, RGBW, 10.5VDC-31VDC, IP68

The TIX402 EOS is Lumishore's smallest thru hull color changing underwater light that also features an integrated (interchangeable) driver. This complete system includes 2 x TIX402 EOS “Interchangeable” Thru-Hull Underwater Lights, a Lumi Hub, and Mini WiFi Controller. Some of the features include RGBW color changing, color cycling, sweep, strobe, programmable scenes, and exclusive "Sound-To-Light".

The TIX models are distinguished from the THX models by their super flat bezel profiles and larger shaft diameter which houses the interchangeable driver. They are designed for owners who prefer the integrity of a thru-hull installation with the peace of mind of a removable LED array that can be serviced from inside the boat.

This system includes 2 x TIX 402 Thru-Hulls, a  Lumi-Hub, an EOS Mini Wifi Controller and an STV Terminator. You may add two additional (single) Thru-hull fixtures for a 4 x light system. You may also combine 2 x Lumi Hubs for more lights (up to 8 fixtures in total).

With the TIX402 2-Light Starter Pack you will be able to enjoy unprecedented color control and ease of installation without the networking hassles. Simply connect the Lumi-Hub plug-and-play wiring system to your DC power source, plug in your lights along with your controller, and installation is complete.

 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

Price: $5,699.00
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