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For Old 6hp Flexible Coupling (pre-1990)

Item: SM61455
Price: $55.40

Item: SM61241
Price: $5.80

Item: SM141258
Price: $4.50

For SP200, SE210, SEP210

Item: SM201450TC
Price: $788.50

For SP300HYD, SH320

Item: SM201450HYD
Price: $788.50

For SP240TCI/SP285TCi/SE250/SE300 and SP300HYD/SH320

Item: SM201452
Price: $311.60

Item: SM71462
Price: $103.85

4hp (8112/8124), SE60 and 55S - 4mm

Item: SM42050
Price: $3.10

and SE320 (215mm - 300mm tunnel thrusters)

Item: SM91241
Price: $15.40

Used on SH100 model and older SP75/SP95/SP125 models

Item: SM71451
Price: $57.70

Item: SM71463
Price: $119.25

Used on SP30S, SP35S, SP40S, SE30/40 and SEP40

Item: SM32050A
Price: $5.00
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