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Gen II Power Conditioner: 10A, 10.5-16VDC Input/12VDC


12-14.4VDC Output (Adjustable)

The InterVOLT SPCi Maxi Series Gen II power conditioners is a cutting edge product known for resolving many of the issues associated with DC power in vehicles and vessels. They are in fact a converter, stabilizer, isolator and regulator all built into a single innovative package. These devices feature galvanic isolation with no common connectivity between the input and output via positive or negative conductors. This means peace-of-mind when connecting sensitive and often expensive, high-end electronic equipment to the output. Other benefits include elimination of line interference, greater protection, better regulation and improved performance.

The GEN II unit has digital over analogue topology which allows the installer/operator to control and monitor various functions and provides valuable feedback on the status of the connected load.

The GEN II units are  more compact due to multi-speed fan cooling and as a result no longer relies on convection for cooling.


 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

Price: $390.00
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