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3/8" LED Rope Lighting, 12V


3/8" LED Rope Lighting, 12V, Warm White, Length: 1 ft. (LED Rope Lighting is sold by the linear foot) 

The following required parts must be purchased separately to complete your rope light installation:

For 12VDC input (from battery, DC breaker panel or DC power supply):
  • ILMDL-CONKIT-6, Connector Kit for 3/8" Incandescent or DC-Powered LED Rope Light (Connector & 6' Cord)
  • ILMDL-END, End Cap
For 12VAC input (from step down transformer):
  • ILMDL-CON12V-L6, Connector Kit for 3/8" 12VAC LED Rope Light when using Transformer (Connector, Rectifier & 6' Cord)
  • ILMDL-END, End Cap

Recommended Accessory:
Power Conditioner:  Regulates optimum output voltage, extending the working life of LED rope light.

Special note for residential/commercial building use:
• Our low voltage (12V or 24V) LED rope light may also be used for residential/commercial use as well. However, it will not be supplied with an AC adapter or other means for stepping the voltage down as that must be ordered separately. Please visit our Lighting Accessories page for a selection of both AC transformers and AC to DC LED converters. The type of connector kit is dependent on the type of voltage converter being used. If using a traditional step down AC transformer, be sure to use one of the following connection kits: (ILMDL-CON12V-L6 for 12VAC input; ILMDL-CON24V-L6 for 24VAC input). If using a voltage-regulated LED converter, then you must use the ILMDL-CONKIT-6 for either 12VDC input or 24VDC input.

Check our Knowledge Base for information on using dimmers with LED Rope Light.  We also offer 120V LED rope Lighting.


 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

Price: $6.75
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