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3G Hand-Held Wireless Remote Control and Receiver


Colorlight searchlights may be controlled via this 3G wireless remote control option.  It consists of a hand-held water-proof full-function remote control along with a radio receiver that is connected to the electrical control box with the RS485 cable provided.  A searchlight system may be operated with one or several wireless controls. Searchlight movements are made in a "joystick" like interface controlling direction, speed of movement.  Sealed & humidity/water tight buttons offer tactile touch so you can feel and hear your selections.  These buttons allow user to switch on/off, choose between different light spectra, and allow focus from narrow beam to flood. Hand-helds are provided with belt clip and wall mount holder.  Note:  This version is compatible with current 3G models.  For older PLC generation lights, please contact Imtra.


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