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Flexible LED Strip Tape HO (Super High Output) F-Series


24V, Blue, 20' Length,  3M Tape, IP66

Featuring the same construction as our standard F-Series HO (high output) product but with twice as many LEDs per foot for double the brightness!  This flexible LED strip is embedded in a thick silicone potting base and features a tight UV-Stable clear silicone wrap for use in outdoor wet environments as well as for interior applications. Easily installed with (included) 3M self-adhesive tape or can be mechanical attachment with optional aluminum mounting channel sections.

The thin diameter and low profile form factor allow this product to be installed in areas too confined for traditional rope light. If desired, you may shorten to your desired length. There are cut-marks located every 4" (24V model) or every 2" (12V model). In addition,  each end has wire leads to allow you the convenience of making two distinct sections with power leads already attached. Silicone End Caps are available to seal off your cut ends. Additional smaller sections could be used but would require new lead wires to be soldered (see instructions for more information).

Imtra LED Strip Tape is a great way to enhance the lighting in your interior or exterior living and entertainment areas. Outdoor applications include overhangs, cockpit lighting, exterior valance, sign back-lighting, etc.

This product performs optimally with constant voltage at or near the specified voltage input. It is sensitive to over-voltage and transient spikes, therefore long term performance is dependent on the input voltage provided. For installation on boats, a power conditioner is recommended for maximum life of the product. Imtra has a full range of conditioners and stabilizers to choose from.

Price: $179.00
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