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4-Pin RGB Tape Light Mechanical Connector


for Gapless Strip to Strip Connection, IP20

Easy to use, solderless mechanical connector to join two sections of RGB LED Strip Tape together. If being used with Imtra RGB Strip Tape, using a utility knife, carefully cut back 7mm of the pvc casing being careful not to damage the pcb ribbon. Using your fingernail or small flat head screwdriver, open each side of the wire clip. Insert  the exposed 7mm section of the ribbon in to the opened connector, sliding the ribbon underneath the 4 metal clips making sure the 4 copper pads are facing up.  Do this for both sections of strip tape. Snap close each side of the wire clip. Gently pull on each side to confirm you've secured the two strips inside the connector. To make water/moisture-proof, use clear shrink tubing around the connection. 

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