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Lumishore Supra THX/TIX Lumi-Hub Junction Box


for THX/TIX Supra 402, 802 and 1602 models

The Lumishore Supra THX/TIX-Hub is a purpose built surface-mount waterproof junction box recommended for use when installing more than two Supra THX/TIX lights in a system. It supports one Master and up to three Secondary Supra THX/TIX lights. Up to four hubs may be connected together to support up to sixteen total light fixtures. The Supra THX/TIX-Hub comes complete with water-tight plug & play connections, control switch input, a built-in relay, and separate fuses.  Simplify your installation and reduce cost and time with a Lumishore Supra THX/TIX-Hub.   

Price: $209.00
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