Imtra has collected a variety of exceptional products to complete your anchoring system.  Best of all, these choices allow you to customize your installation to get the most out of your anchoring system.


The right switchgear enhances any windlass installation and makes anchoring safer and easier. Imtra has the high quality switchgear you’re looking for, with proven designs made from the best materials.


These items were selected specifically to work with Imtra’s Lofrans and Muir windlass lines, yet will work equally well with most other anchoring systems.

  • Solenoid Control Boxes
    • Watertight and pre-wired, our dual-solenoid control boxes are available for 2/4 or 3-wire windlass motors. Rated for continuous duty to 150 Amps (surge to 500 Amps).
  • Footswitches
    • Covered and uncovered footswitches are available in high-amperage and low-amperage options.
  • Chain Counters
    • Variety of panel mount and handheld chain counters.
  • Remote Controls
    • A variety of wired and wireless controls available for a range of functions.
  • Circuit Breakers
    • Surface mount and bulkhead versions available in a range of sizes.
  • Anchor Swivels
    • Our anchor swivels are constructed of rugged 18-8 stainless steel that is buffed to a polished finish. Their streamlined design ensures free running through bow rollers and chocks.
  • Chainstoppers
    • Used with all chain rodes to take the load off the windlass and transfer the load to the deck.  Available in a basic stainless version to elegant style that are available with or without a devil’s claw to tightly secure the anchor in the bow roller while underway. 
  • Anchor Snubbers & Chain hooks
    • An anchor snubber is an important add-on when using an all chain rode. We offer these as separate items so you can build a snubber to fit your specifications.
  • Chain Markers
    • Color-coded chain markers make it easy to keep track of chain deployment. Available in five colors: red, blue, green, yellow and white.
  • Chain & Rodes
    • Imtra assembles custom anchor rodes to meet our customers' requirements.  With ropes from 1/2" to 3/4" in diameter and marine chain from 1/4' to 1/2' in size, we can make the perfect rode for your boat. 
  • Anchor Rollers
    • All Imtra anchor rollers are made of heavy-duty stainless steel and are extremely durable. Electro-polishing removes any surface impurities and provides an attractive, smooth, bright finish that does not corrode and requires no maintenance.

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