When you choose Imtra for your anchor windlass solutions, you can relax and enjoy impeccable performance, superior reliability and total peace of mind. At each step, Imtra provides you with the product selection, expertise and customer support that make all the difference.  We start by searching the world for the very best products, including windlasses from Lofrans and Muir, two brands recognized by boat builders for their quality and innovative engineering. In addition to windlasses, we offer a full range of switchgear and accessories to complete your system.


A windlass is the backbone of any anchoring system.  Imtra offers the complete range of anchor windlasses from Lofrans and Muir, the world’s leaders in anchor windlasses.  Choose from horizontal, vertical, electric (DC or AC), hydraulic or manual – every variation to meet your specific needs.

The right anchor windlass makes all the difference.  The anchor windlass on your boat allows you to handle even the most difficult anchoring situations safely and with complete peace of mind.  Choosing the right size and type of windlass for your vessel is the key to trouble-free boating.  Several factors play an important role when selecting a windlass:  vessel type and size, displacement, anchor and chain size, and the anchoring environment.  The range of available models includes horizontal and vertical, manual and electric, and chain or combination rope/chain management.

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Extra Deck Clearance, Chrome Finish

Item: LW7962XDC
Price: $4,725.00

Item: MHR2500012E
Price: $4,900.00

Extra Deck Clearance, Chrome Finish

Item: LW7942/1XDC
Price: $4,250.00

Deluxe Chrome

Item: LWT1500OP1
Price: $3,000.00

Chrome Finish

Item: LW7942/1
Price: $3,950.00

Item: MSSC04000024E
Price: $7,850.00

Item: MHR1600012E
Price: $3,800.00

Deluxe Chrome

Item: LWT3500OP1
Price: $26,100.00

Item: MVC80012-i

Item: MVRC1200R024E
Price: $6,775.00

Chrome Finish

Item: LW7977/1
Price: $10,150.00

316 Stainless Steel

Item: MSSC2500R12E
Price: $5,000.00
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