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Meanwell PWM-120 Dimmable Power Supply, 90/305VAC to 24VDC


The Meanwell PWM-120 is a versatile 120W waterproof constant-voltage LED power supply that provides a 24VDC constant voltage PWM (pulse width modulated) output which is compatible with all kinds of LED strips (including our AcXent™ Linear Light System). It is typically used in conjunction with centralized lighting control systems that use dim modules with either a PWM or 0-10V output.  Its dimming range is 0 to 100% and pulse width modulates (PWM) the 24V output at 300Hz when dimmed.

When the PWM dimming signal gets down to ~6% duty cycle or lower, the Meanwell unit turns off the output. When using a 0-10V analog dimming signal it dims smoothly over the full range and goes to "0" output (off) when below ~0.6V.

In summary, the Meanwell PWM-120-24 power supply can support PWM or 0-10V input signals (from a 3rd party centralized control system) and PWM the output to the LED strip (or Imtra's AcXent™ Linear Lighting System). It operates smoothly and shuts off normally at the low voltage or PWM signal levels.


 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

Price: $149.00
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