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Gibraltar Bi-Color LED with 3-way Switch


Gibraltar Bi-Color LED with 3-way Switch, 10-30VDC, Stainless Steel, Cool White/Blue, IP55

The Gibraltar PowerLED Bi-Color is a surface-mount dome fixture styled in the classic tradition but powered by a high tech dual function LED engine. This downlight fixture offers a fully functioning, full-brightness white LED light equal to the standard Gibraltar 155 in white LED brightness, while also offering an additional low-level “blue” secondary color for night-time navigation or general safety marine lighting. A built in 3-position switch will allow you to switch from white to blue (or off). The white LED may be dimmed from a remote switch when used with the IML PWM Dimmer ILIM80120. For details on dimming or general wiring & installation details, please see the Installation Instructions download on the side bar to the right.

Price: $269.00
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