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Captiva PowerLED (Eyeball) with Switch, Warm White


Captiva PowerLED, 10-30VDC (eyeball) with Switch, Stainless Steel, 3 x 1W LED, Warm White

The Captiva PowerLED w/Switch is an attractive recessed spot boat light with adjustable inner “eyeball” and integral switch. The pivoting center is ideal for illuminating artwork or wall washing. It is also a good choice for sloped ceilings commonly found above companionways; the light may be directed straight down preventing temporary “blinding” as one steps down to lower living quarters. A convenient built-in toggle switch adds convenience and eliminates the need for installing a remote switch.  As with other spots & fixtures in the Imtra PowerLED family, the clean lens aperture is pleasing to the eye, eliminating any harsh “hot spots” and making the Captiva the premiere LED product of choice.  A built-in dimmer interface (with third wire) allows for effortless touch-control using either our model ILIM80120 Dimmer Module. 

Price: $155.00
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