What Sets AcXent Apart?

  • A seamless light that emanates along natural delineations in the ceiling
  • A consistent more natural type lighting without distracting glare or distinct hot spots

Why Designers Will Recommend It?

  • It's about the quality and effect of the light and how it improves the overall theme of the living space
  • The design is more harmonious with its surroundings and a better fit for today's cleaner lines
  • A certain level of customization can provide just the right amount of design flexibility

Why Builders Will Prefer It?

  • It is a superior method of illumination that can remove owner's objections to some traditional light's design features
  • The lighting becomes a real part of the vessel's structure as though it was drawn in from the earliest stages of design
  • Fewer connections and fewer holes to drill and prepare (e.g. no special "boxes" or compartments are required)

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