Like most of you, we have had to “pivot” in the way we work in the midst of the corona virus outbreak. We are following the guidance of the CDC and our state and local governments to ensure we are protecting our employees, customers and other partners. We apologize for any inconvenience the changes in our work capabilities are causing you or your business. We are doing the best we can and looking forward to better times ahead.

Questions & Answers

Is IMTRA open for business??

Yes. We are available via telephone, email and digital platforms to support you. If you have technical questions, need help specifying new systems for your customers or want to know if we have stock, please reach out to us. Our full customer service, product management and outside sales teams are available to help you via telephone, video conference or email.?

Are you able to ship products?

Yes, we are actively shipping products again.  We are limiting our on-site staff for safety, so some shipments may have slightly delayed shipping, but we are doing our best to clear our backlog and return to “at once” shipping in the future.

Are you accepting new orders?

Absolutely. We highly recommend that if you know you will need product, that you get your orders in as soon as possible so that we can react as quickly as possible.

When will the stay-at-home mandate be lifted?

At present, Massachusetts is in Phase 1 of a four-phase re-opening plan.  Businesses like IMTRA can reopen though it is recommended that all staff that can work at home, continue to do so.  IMTRA is operating in this manner with all staff that can work from home continuing to do so.  Essential staff for on-site activities are working in shifts to allow for the safest possible environment.

What additional safety precautions are you taking?

All personnel are to wear face masks while working on the property.  We have increased our regular cleaning and disinfecting processes, especially in shared or high-touch areas.  Gloves are to be worn when possible.  All workers are socially distanced with a minimum of 6’ from any coworker.

Are you continuing to receive more products from your supplier partners?

We are working closely with our supplier partners to ensure that we have sufficient product on-route so that we can satisfy all customer needs. Many of our partners are in areas of the world that have also been hit hard by COVID-19, though most suppliers are maintaining production and we anticipate limited shortages.

If we need on-site support, will your sales and service teams be back on the road soon?

We are limiting our onsite sales and service actions as much as possible to ensure the safety of our team, and your teams!  We will make on-site visits upon request as needed by our customers assuming that proper safety precautions are being taken by the people at the site to be visited.  Our team is spread out around the country so we will always follow the guidelines of the state in question at a minimum.

In addition, we are increasing our use of video visits.  We are finding that using FaceTime or similar person-to-person video can allow our team to be “on site” virtually and enable us to respond quicker to customer needs for installation or service questions.  This is resulting in faster quotes for new systems, often a big help at a busy time of year like the spring.

Are you issuing return authorizations, and can I ship my return to Imtra?

We are currently able to issue return authorizations. We are now processing returns as we have appropriate staff available in the building.  We apologize for any delays in our processing of returns and repairs.  We expect to improve our responsiveness in this area in the coming weeks.

What information do you require from our company?

If your company has reduced operating hours and it would prevent you from receiving shipments, we ask that you let us know. We will review your orders with us and ensure we are only sending product so that it hopefully arrives on a day where you will be able to receive it at your facility.