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Mega Yacht Windlasses & Mooring Equipment

Muir designs and manufactures a range of anchoring and mooring systems for vessels up to 150 meters and with pull strengths exceeding 15,000kg.  Muir is globally renowned as today's leader in anchoring systems for a large variety and size of luxury motor and sailing yachts.  Having set Industry Standards and benchmarks over several decades, Muir's continued investment in product development and innovation keeps them at the forefront of the yachting industry.

The development of high power to weight ratio equipment with the combination of highly efficient planetary drive gears, medium to high pressure hydraulics, one, two or variable speed AC electric drives will achieve the ideal anchoring system to suit nearly any vessel.

Muir meets or surpasses the world's most stringent classification requirements.  Featuring a variety of finishes, these anchoring systems enhance the foredeck of the world's most elegant sail, motor or expedition yachts.  A Muir anchoring and docking system provides long term reliability, durability and dependability.

Muir equipment is manufactured in Hobart, Australia and globally distributed and serviced in over 60 countries. Their dedication to support provides the confidence demanded by cruising and charter operators the world over.

Muir's success in the luxury yacht market has come from a longstanding commitment to work closely with naval architects, designers, builders, captains, engineers and owners in the pursuit of excellence in anchoring and docking systems.  Make Muir your choice when selecting your yachts ground tackle management system.

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