Exalto Wipers

Quality Marine Equipment

  • Assembled in Holland

  • Offers a premium all-weather wiper system that was built for the harshest environments and made of high quality materials

  • Feature 316 stainless steel components to provide many years of reliable service

  • Choose from a range of systems with a maximum reach from 46.9" to 88.5" (1190 to 2250mm)

  • Designed for continuous duty, serviceability & easily adjusted to create the ideal cleared area

Type 1 Series

A premium continuous duty wiper system for windows under 46.9" (1190mm) in height.    


Type 1.5 Series

A powerful, compact system for windows up to 520.5" (1330mm) in height.


Type 2 Series

The ultimate system for windows up to 65" (1650mm) in height.


Type 3 Series

The Largest pantograph system for windows up to 88.5" (2250mm) in height.


External Series

A durable, waterproof external motor with a maximum reach of 46.9" (1190mm).  



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