Who is Isover?

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ISOVER is a Saint-Gobain brand that cares about building better for people and the planet. It designs, manufactures and markets thermal, acoustic and fire insulation mineral wool solutions that deliver sustainability and performance. It serves those who build and those who spend time in buildings while addressing a variety of markets in construction, transportation and industrial applications.

With 10,000 people in more than 100 countries supported by 63 production sites, ISOVER is the worldwide leader in insulation solutions.

Marine and Offshore Insulation Applications

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Given the high level of risk and extreme conditions at sea, the shipbuilding industry sets demanding requirements for safety and comfort. The products and structures used must be fire tested and approved according to regulations from the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

For many Marine & Offshore applications, our mineral wool insulation solutions help fulfil strict IMO rules through innovative insulation solutions that contribute to a much more sustainable design. Whether for accommodation areas or technical installations, our marine & offshore insulation solutions has been certified for thermal insulation, fire and sound protection.

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Marine Insulation by Isover

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Technical insulation, like building insulation, is at the heart of Saint-Gobain's Strategy and commitment to Carbon Neutrality by 2050. Isover's technical insulation solutions are found everywhere in our lives, from home to office, in mobility (such as cars, trains, boats, etc.) and in many industrial applications. Everywhere, insulation contributes to saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions, in addition to providing comfort and quality of life. This is the very purpose of insulation

The U SeaProtect range by Isover offers top-notch marine insulation for acoustic, thermal and fire protection for cruise ships, offshore, and OEM marine constructions. When compared to traditional stone wool insulation, the U SeaProtect range is lighter-weight and thinner without compromising functionality, offering industry-leading thermal and acoustic performance.  

With hundreds of projects all around the globe, ranging from passenger vessels and luxury yachts to military vessels and offshore oil rigs, the U SeaProtect range is proven to help fulfill the challenging requirements according to IMO rules and regulations, providing unique solutions and contributing to the new scope in sustainable design. 

Benefits of Isover

  • Lightweight: 40% lighter compared to conventional stone wool 

  • Compressible: volume reduced by up to 60%  

  • Quick and easy to install: reduced mounting time & costs 




Marine Solution Selector

Click here to utilize Isover's production solution tool. Product is available in a slab and roll.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is stone wool?

Also known as mineral wool or rock wool, stone wool is created by spinning a molten stream of rock, steel furnace slag and recycled materials. Made principally from volcanic rock, it is comprised of 70% natural raw materials including basalt, dolomite and similar rocks, which are generally melted in a cupola furnace with a carbon-containing energy source using optimal energy and environmental protection recovery systems. Click here to learn more.


How do we make stone wool?

Stone wool, also referred to as rock wool, is created by spinning molten rock and minerals with steel slag to create a cotton-candy-like wool product. Click here to learn more.


What is stone wool insulation?

Effective insulation is essential in any kind of building and technical application to ensure maximum comfort and lower costs. Developed, used and improved by ISOVER for many years, stone wool insulation products combine mechanical resistance with excellent thermal performance, fire safety and high temperature suitability. Click here to learn more.


Why choose stone wool?

Stone wool can be used for insulation and fire protection in many applications. It is particularly suitable for industry given its high temperature resistance and non-combustibility. Click here to learn more.


Stone wool insulation or glass wool insulation?

The advantage of stone wool over glass wool is its resistance to high temperatures, making this type of insulation the safest in term of fire prevention.

But did you know that there a stone wool that combines this fire resistance with lightweight? Click here to learn more.


How is ULTIMATE U-Sea protect made?

The patented process for manufacturing ULTIMATETM is similar to that used for glass wool. However, the challenge for our development team was to develop a product capable of operating at much higher temperatures. This was achieved following a breakthrough involving a new patented glass composition and extensive conversion of the basic glass wool manufacturing process. Click here to learn more.


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