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Imtra:  Behind the Scenes

Company Overview 1:50
Check out Imtra's latest video for a behind-the-scenes look at the people, products and philosophy that makes us who we are. 

Recreational Overview 1:10
Take a look at the recreational marine side of Imtra. 

Commercial Overview 0:49
Take a look at the commercial side of Imtra.



The Story - 2:06
Get a behind the scenes look at the story of Zipwake.

Comfort & Performance - 2:44
Here's why you should choose Zipwake for it's comfort and performance.

Interceptors vs. Trim Tabs - 1:02
Zipwake explains the difference and benefits of interceptors versus trim tabs.

The Components of a Kit Box - 3:00
Product Manager, Jamie Simmons, goes through the components of a Zipwake Kitbox.
Zipwake Installation - 2:03
Walk through the Step by step instructions on how to install a Zipwake system.

Bronson 070 Sea Trial - 1:12
A Zipwake Sea Trial of Bronson 070.

Nordwest 420 Sea Trial - 1:01
A Zipwake Sea Trial of Nordwest 420 Flybridge.

TARGA 27.1 Sea Trial - 1:08
A Zipwake Sea Trial of TARGA 27.1

RYDS 23 WA Sea Trial - 1:01
A Zipwake Sea Trial of RYDS 23 WA.

Zipwake Sea Trials - 1:25
Check out the difference Zipwake can truly make on your boat.

Zipwake Installation - 1:27
Check out how Zipwake is a relatively easy installation with big rewards.

The Benefits of Zipwake - 2:27
Lenny Rudow from FishTalk Magazine takes a ride on a Judge Yacht and talks the benefits of Zipwake.
For more videos on Zipwake visit our Video Library HERE




Speed Control Upgrade - Part 1 3:00
Peter Nolet demonstrates operation of the on/off thruster system prior to upgrade and shows us how to remove thruster motors in preparation for the upgrade.


Speed Control Upgrade - Part 2 3:09
Imtra’s Mark Raeder shows what is involved in refurbishing thruster motors as part of the speed control upgrade service.


Speed Control Upgrade - Part 3 3:57
Back on the boat, Peter Nolet details the necessary
component upgrades and then demonstrates the
improved handling of the boat with a speed control
thruster system.



First USA System Install 3:03
Install of a Side-Power Stabilizer System on a Sun Seeker 105. System supplied by Imtra Marine Products to provide stabilization at anchor and underway


The New HR412 2:54
Magnus Rassy comments on the Side-Power variable speed thrusters aboard the new HR412.



Proportional Thruster 1:05
Side-Power's new DC Proportional Thruster system.



Proper Tunnel Install Benefits 2:21
See and hear the difference between the noise level generated by a Side-Power bow thruster when installed in a sharp-edged tunnel and in a tunnel with rounded edges.


Thruster Series Overview 3:10
Get a quick overview of the extensive Side-Power thruster range.


Installation Videos Playlist
Watch a selection of installation videos by Side-Power. This link will take you to the Side-Power YouTube page and you can view any or all of the 14 videos.


Shearpin Replacement - 1:56
Click here to see what it takes to perform a Side-Power 30/40 Shearpin replacement


Shearpin Replacement - 5:08
Click here to watch a basic tutorial of how to replace the shearpin on a SP55/SE60 Thruster.

  Pavati Wake Boats - 2:31
Click here to see Side-Power bow & stern thrusters on Pavati wake boats.
SIde-Power Thrusters - 1:21
In this video Imtra's Thruster Product Manager, Peter Nolet, shares some insight on Side-Power Thrusters

Nautique G25 Walk Though - 18:15
Click here to see the unique handling offered by our Side-Power DC Proportional Thruster

  Anode & Prop  Replacement - 2:43
Watch Peter Nolet, explains how easy it is to replace your anode & prop on SE30 and SE-SEP40.
Anode & Prop Replacement 2:10
Watch Peter Nolet, explains how easy it is to replace your anode & prop on SE60.



F4 TouchLED 1:39
Kinder Woodcock gives basic overview of the F4 TouchLED.

F20 & F22 TouchLED 2:31
Learn about the many uses and features of the F20 and F22 TouchLED.

F28 TouchLED 1:34
The F28 is an extremely efficient, super high output, low-profile surface-mounted light.  Learn more!

Sigma LED Refit - Part 1 4:27
Kinder Woodcock talks about the full range of Sigma LED downlights focusing on the power/performance benefits over the halogen lights they are intended to replace.

Sigma LED Refit - Part 2 1:39
Imtra’s Kinder Woodcock tells us about the types of dimmer modules that work with Sigma.

Sigma LED Refit - Part 3 2:53
Kinder discusses why Sigma was designed and shows the tools needed to do the job.


Sigma LED Refit - Part 4 3:19
Mike Moriarty joins Kinder to show us how easy Sigma is to install, including making the electrical connection and securing the light to the ceiling. 

Sigma LED Refit - Part 5 5:01
Mike and Kinder show us how to replace older dimmer modules and switches with current models as an optional step in the Sigma installation process.

Arke - Lives Your Time 1:55
Click here to discover more about the contemporary design, modern materials, and evolved functions of Arke by Vimar.


Arke by VImar 0:44
Learn about what makes Arke a unique and positive choice for your home.

Eikon by Vimar 2:08
Explore the concept of luxury and learn about the technology and design of Vimar's Eikon line.

Idea by Vimar 0:30
Take a quick look into Vimar Idea and learn about a couple of their products; The Classica and Rondo.

Evo by Eikon 1:31
Elegant geometries, essential details, chromed frame, ultra-thin profile and exclusive materials are what make the Eikon Evo unique.

Frensch Lighting 4:00
Get insight into the brand of Frensch by exploring a few of their products; how they work and are produced.

Lumishore Lights in Action 2:10
Check out the new Lumishore 
underwater EOS LED lights in action.



DHR LED Navigation Lights 3:28
IMTRA's DHR Product Manager, Nate Cabral, gives an overview of the DHR Navigation Lights.

Lumishore EOS Color Change 3:12
Learn about the brightest color change underwater lights and unique EOS controller from Lumishore.




Lofrans Maintenance - Part 1 2:47
Jim Thomas shows how to properly and safely inspect the internal workings of a Lofran’s Tigres windlass.

Lofrans Maintenance - Part 2 4:48
Jim Thomas shows how to properly and safely clean and grease the chain wheel and clutch cones of a Lofran’s Tigres windlass.

Lofrans Maintenance - Part 3 3:36
Jim Thomas shows how to properly reassemble and test a Lofran’s Tigres windlass after performing seasonal maintenance.

Lofrans Maintenance - Part  4 4:17
Jim Thomas shows how to remove the motor cover on a Lofran’s Tigres windlass to inspect its condition and cable connections as part of routine seasonal maintenance.

Lofrans Maintenance - Part 5 2:16
Jim Thomas shows how to replace the motor cover gasket and reinstall the cover on a Lofran’s Tigres windlass as part of a seasonal maintenance procedure.

Lofrans Maintenance - Part 6 2:44
Jim Thomas shows how to properly inspect and test the manual/emergency override system of a Lofran’s Tigres windlass. 

Anchor Windlass Breaker 1:00
Imtra’s Jim Thomas shows a couple different types of breakers that offer fast and easy connection for an anchor windlass system.

Auto Anchor Integration - 3:09
In this video Imtra's Windlass Product Manager, Jim Thomas, shares a little on Auto Anchor.

Muir Windlasses - 0:51
In this video Imtra's Windlass Product Manager, Jim Thomas, shares a little on Muir Windlasses.



Decca Presentation 1:24
Learn more about the smart design, easy operation and user friendly controls 
associated with Decca Wipers.

Roca Wiper Systems - 0:49
Watch this video to learn about Roca Wiper Systems from Imtra's Wiper Product Manager, Nate Cabral.




Adj. Height Table Pedestals - 0:46
Click here to watch a  brief overview of the NorSap adjustable height table pedestals.

NorSap Pedestals - 0:58
Watch this video to learn about the convenience having a NorSap pedestal can add to your boat.

Fixed Height Table Pedestals - 1:09
Click to learn more about the NorSap fixed height table pedestals.


Other Products



Sola Cure Blinds - 1:58
Learn more about Sola Cure Anti Glare 
UV Protection roller shades for marine 

Nauta Tank Fitting Install 4:19
Learn how to install a fitting on a flexible 
Nauta Tank.



User Testimonials & Experiences



Imtra Customer - Larry Hall 1:23
Imtra customer and owner of Gunsmoke, 
Larry Hall, shares his thoughts about Imtra.


Side-Power - John Maxey 4:10
Fairline Squadron 78 owner John Maxey shares his experience with the Side-Power stabilizer system.


Side-Power - Richard Kennedy 4:39
Captain Richard Kennedy shares his experience of retrofitting a Side-Power Stabilizer system on a PJ 120.