Decca Straight Line Wipers



Decca Straight Line Wiper Systems are designed specifically for use in commercial applications. Built in Norway and engineered to survive the rigors of the North Sea, they are constructed to work in the worst conditions -- when you need them most.

Features & Benefits:

  • Externally mounted wiper system
  • Voltage: AC (110/220V) or DC (24V)
  • Stroke length from 50cm (19.6”) to 350cm (137.8”)
  • Single or double arm wipers available
  • Up to 90% of the window can be wiped
  • Twin wiper with optional overlap
  • Fully adjustable wiper arm
  • Heater option available on 110/220 VAC units
  • Easy installation
  • Variable speed / variable interval control
  • Self-parking
  • Optional water spray with air purge 

Designed for reliable operation in harsh conditions

  • All materials used in the manufacturing of the Decca wiper are the very best available:
  • Self-adjusting polyamide track rollers
  • Sealed stainless steel bearings
  • Roller tracks in stainless steel
  • Motor drive system with progressive spring elements
  • Housing in seawater resistant aluminum with powder coated surface for maximum weather resistance
  • Unique carriage assembly does not weaken the drive belt
  • Interlocking high performance PowerTwist Plus® belt for quick replacement

Markets we currently supply

The Decca straight line wipers have been installed in some of the harshest and most demanding environments including these various applications:

  • US Navy vessels
  • Energy and mining equipment
  • Inland towing vessels and tugs
  • North Sea offshore supply and handling vessels
  • Great Lakes Iron Ore Vessels
  • Patrol and fireboats

Contact us at Decca@imtra.com for assistance in specifying your next system.



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