Offshore Wind

As offshore wind farms become more and more common in the United States, the need for well-equipped Crew Transfer Vessels (CTVs) to transport the workers who build and maintain the wind turbines to and from shore has also increased. The first priority of a CTV is to safely transport the crew on and off of the structures that house the wind turbines. The second priority is the comfort of the crew, as the technicians have to be ready to work upon arrival at the offshore wind farm.  


Video Spotlight


Video Spotlight: Libra Door Features & Benefits

Eric MacDonald walks you through the features weathertight and watertight doors from Libra.

Crew & Helm Seating

KPM Marine is an industry leader in lightweight suspension seating offering a full range of IMO 2000 HSC Annex 10 compliant seating. A popular choice aboard Crew Transfer Vessels (CTV) servicing the offshore wind industry.

Helm Seating

Norsap is the leading manufacturer of high-quality seating solutions for the maritime, oil and gas, aviation simulation industries, and more. The entire Norsap product line is ergonomically designed and built to withstand the most demanding environment.


Air Handlers

KPM Air handling units have been designed to meet class specifications and afford the workboat operator high levels of protection, low maintenance costs and air flow performance.


Doors, Hatches & Consoles

Libra supplies all types of vessels with a complete range of IMO-compliant, hinged, external and internal bulkhead doors and hatches made of steel, aluminium or composite materials.


Marine Insulation

ISOVER is a Saint-Gobain brand that cares about building better for people and the planet. It designs, manufactures and markets thermal, acoustic and fire insulation mineral wool solutions that deliver sustainability and performance. It serves those who build and those who spend time in buildings while addressing a variety of markets in construction, transportation and industrial applications.


Wiper Systems

Imtra is the source for superior, high-performance marine wiper systems for a variety of applications. We have chosen the best equipment manufacturers - Decca, Exalto, and Roca to make up a comprehensive selection of Pendulum, Pantograph, and Straight-line marine wiper systems. Our industry knowledge and their innovative solutions allows us to supply reliable product promptly. 


Commercial Lighting

Imtra has decades of experience in supplying lighting solutions for marine applications.  We are highly selective in our product offering and use our expertise in commercial marine to ensure the best quality products and the right solutions for you.  We support our products through all facets of the product's life from selections to installation to operation.  Imtra makes the sourcing process easy for shipboard lighting solutions and we help engineer the right components each step of the way. 





Lilaas is a leading manufacturer of control levers and joysticks for the marine, offshore, transportation industries and more. Utilizing unique design, top-grade materials and thorough testing, Lilaas products provide high quality performance that requires a minimum of service and maintenance.

Thruster Systems

All Sleipner professional thrusters are designed for ultimate reliability, performance and ease of installation.  Sleipner's reputation is respected, built on decades of experience in the thruster sector with a focus on quality, reliability & safety.  Their range consists of efficient solutions for DCHydraulic, and AC electric thrusters.   

Battery Chargers & Monitors

Victron Energy is an industry leader in power management.  Their Bluetooth, smart-integrated technology allows for easy monitoring and solutions for all the electrical needs of your vessel including chargers and converters, solar and battery management and Lithium batteries.




Solar Shades

Sola-Cure manufactures and supplies marine blinds for ships all over the world. With various types of blinds available, Sola-Cure is the right choice for UV/anti-glare shades, blackout blinds for crew quarters or where total privacy is required.


Bilge Pumps

KPM offers a full range of durable submersible pumps that are light, and offer a high-capacity pumping system.  Their range includes Bilge, Emergency, macerator and live well pumps.