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Nauta Flexible Tanks provide many advantages over rigid tanks and have become very popular with both yacht builders and boat owners.  Each of these tanks are crafted using an extremely rugged 840-denier nylon fabric, coated on both sides with a neoprene/nitrile compound. These flexible water tanks use an exclusive Tedlar inside lining to provide and extra strength and maintain a taste-free system.  No venting is required for marine water tanks, only a fill pipe and a simple draw line to head and/or galley pumps. All Nauta tanks are vulcanized to assure leak-proof panels and seams for years of trouble-free service, and all are covered by warranty.  Because of their flexibility and the Nauta range of sizes, these tanks can fit into almost any space, especially odd-shaped places that would otherwise be wasted. Plus, Nauta tanks are very easy to work with. Several of the marine water tanks and holding tanks are available with fittings already installed. But Nauta’s construction allows custom placement of fittings to suit your particular requirements and makes it simple to install them.

A flexible tank is unique in operation: as liquid is drawn out, the tank “collapses.”  This not only eliminates the need for venting of marine water tanks but also minimizes free-surfacing action (turbulence in the airspace above liquid) which dramatically reduces sloshing and its noise.


Betmun coin solana

IMTRA's Peter Nolet, show you how to install a fitting on a flexible Nauta Tank.