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"Mini" LED Replacement Bulb, BA15d, Warm White 10-30VDC(1.5W), Directional
List Price:$12.95 Each
In Stock (72)
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Corona G4 LED Bulb, Side-Pin, Warm White 10-30VDC, 21xLED, Bulk Packaging
List Price:$16.25 Each
In Stock (193)
Stocked Item Image.
Tower LED Bulb, E14, 10-30VDC, Warm Omnidirectional, 18 x LED, Bulk Pkg
List Price:$22.95 Each
In Stock (59)
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"Mini" GU4 LED Replacement Bulb, Back-Pin, Warm, 10-30VDC, 9xLED, 1.5W
List Price:$12.95 Each
In Stock (121)
Stocked Item Image.
Mini GU4 LED Bulb, Back-Pin, Cool White, 10-30VDC, 9 x LED
List Price:$11.95 Each
In Stock (95)
Stocked Item Image.

LED Replacement Bulbs

Cut your electrical power consumption, reduce the danger of sizzling hot halogen light bulbs, and cool your cabin temperatures by transforming your old boat lights to LED using Imtra’s latest LED bulbs. Here you will find LED light bulbs that allow conversion of your existing fixtures into efficient and cool running LED yacht lights simply by changing the bulb. 

Imtra LED bulbs incorporate PWM constant-current drive electronics and thermally conductive metal core boards promising long-term performance and reliability for your marine lighting even under variable voltage conditions. Several types of LED bulbs are available for most socket types, most are offered with warm white light that is consistent with traditional bulbs. Cool white, red and blue are also available for several of our LED light bulbs as well.  

Safe, cool, reliable and energy efficient; upgrade your boat lights with our latest LED bulbs and join the LED marine lighting revolution today!