Since 1922, Den Haan Rotterdam (DHR) has been manufacturing high-quality professional-grade signaling and lighting equipment for the maritime industry. Today, this ISO9002 certified Holland manufacturer is regarded as a leader in LED Navigation Lighting Systems and LED Searchlights for the commercial and yachting markets. With a focus on research, design, and production, DHR continuously improves their range of products to meet the highest standards in order to guarantee safety in all weather conditions. Imtra is proud to join DHR as the exclusive US importer for this feature-packed range of LED Navigation Lights and LED Searchlights.



Based in Holland, Den Haan Rotterdam (DHR) has been manufacturing top-quality marine lighting products since the early 1920s. DHR started with tin oil-lamps that were used on ships, and have kept up with the latest technology for generations, now offering a complete range of state-of-the-art LED Marine Navigation Lights. Their LED navigation lights are offered in three models, DHR40, DHR60, and DHR80. The product line offers a lighting solution for any size vessel, with the DHR40 & DHR60 designed for ships shorter than 50-meters (164 feet), and the DHR80 designed for ships exceeding 50-meters in length. All three models are UL1104 and U.S. Coast Guard certified, and are available in every color and beam angle necessary to outfit any vessel with a complete navigation lighting package that is up to U.S. Coast Guard and International Marine Organization COLREG standards. The DHR60 & DHR80 models also are equipped with dual function LEDs for integrated fail-safes. If the primary LED fails for any reason while underway, the operator can switch to the secondary LED immediately so that the vessel can continue on its way. All Den Haan navigation lights are fully-serviceable by the user. The LED driver, circuit board, gaskets and lenses can all be replaced onboard the vessel in the event of a failure. Service kits with spare parts are available for all models, and are compact for easy storage aboard.



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Well-known for their navigation lights, DHR also has more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing searchlights. Initially intended for recreational boating, they now develop and produce a wide range of navigation and searchlights for all types of maritime vessels. DHR’s focus is to create high-quality searchlights at a reasonable price. Working according to the design-philosophy of “Keep it Simple,” DHR is able to produce simple designs for the best performance and reliability.  With different operating options, DHR Searchlights can be directly manually operated from the wheelhouse or electrical controlled if the location between control and searchlight becomes a challenge. Some models offer a focusable control of the beam angle, from 4°-20°, allowing for multi-use of the searchlight. To increase the overall height of the searchlight,  DHR searchlights can be supplied with an optional column. For just about any application, DHR searchlight offers the best suitable operating option.





IMTRA's DHR Product Manager, Nate Cabral, gives an overview of the DHR Navigation Lights.


Check out this demonstration of DHR's LED Navigation Lights with Imtra's Nate Cabral.