Auto Anchor



AutoAnchor 560 Rode Counter & Windlass Controller

  • Graphic LCD screen featuring intuitive user interface for simple operation

  • Adjustable backlit display in feet, meters or fathoms

  • One-touch function to deploy and retrieve a preset length of rode

  • Displays windlass speed and direction, plus battery                  


AutoAnchor 150 Rode Counter

  • Easy to install and set up

  • Beeps to warn operator when the anchor is 4 feet from stowing

  • Adjustable red backlighting for easy night viewing

  • Supports multiple displays


AutoAnchor 710 Handheld Wireless Remote

  • Full Graphic LCD screen featuring intuitive user interface for simple operation

  • Displays signal strength and battery level

  • Ergonomic design with wrist strap

  • 12 or 24VDC



Toggle Up/Down Panels

  • Features a momentary switch for safe windlass operation

  • Rubber toggle cover ensures trouble-free performance in exposed locations

  • Size: 2" x 3 1/2"



Sensor Cables

  • Sensor cables to fit AA560 and AA150 rode counters



Visit the Auto Anchor website here.