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Sola-Cure manufactures and supplies marine blinds for ships, cranes, and rigs all over the world. With various types of blinds available, Sola-Cure is the right choice if needing UV/anti-glare shades in the wheelhouse/bridge area, or blackout blinds for crew quarters, where total privacy is required.  Llyod's approved, Sola-Cure blinds are manufactured to a high standard and boast UV protection up to 99% and glare reduction of up to 75%.

How to Order

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As Sola-Cure shades are built to order, we can offer solutions that can be installed on any shape of window. Solar shades also have the option to be equipped with wire guides, which help keep the shades in position (recommended for vessels that can roll a bit or for leaning windows). While some shape of windows do have a little more of a challenge on achieving full coverage – such as a parallelogram – we can provide solutions where you would see 100% (or very close to it) shade coverage. As the shades are built to the window dimensions, the pricing can vary due to the size.  If you have a project in mind and can share the window and door schedule (or have filled out our questionnaire), please contact us at 508.995.7000 or at [email protected], and we would be more than happy to provide you a quote.


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Sola-Cure makes roller boat blinds for the bridge, wheelhouse and cabin windows on boats, ships and cranes. The purpose of the anti-glare UV boat blinds is to help the crew or operator see when the sun shines in their eyes. The glare from the sun is removed when the boat blind is pulled down. Glare is not always created directly but also when the sun reflects off the water. With the Sola-Cure boat blind down, it is possible to see clearly and work safely.  The blind material is a polymer film. It can be reflective on the outside in silver or gold. Sola-Cure marine blinds are also available in a non-reflective grey. This is good for inland waters when reflection is not good for passing vessels.


Some key feature of Sola-Cure blinds are:

  • Eliminates glare on monitors
  • Improved safety when navigating
  • Protects crew from harmful UV rays
  • Improves instrument visibility
  • Protects eyes from direct and reflected sunlight
  • creates a cooler working environment
  • Protects fabric and furnishings from fade


Visit the Sola-Cure website here.


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Sola-Cure’s range of blackout blinds for boats are available in a choice of 48 colors. With such a large variety of colors, it is easy to find a match to any boat or ships interior. Our material provides blackout and meets fire regulations for the marine industry. It is also easy to keep clean with a damp cloth and has protection against fungal damp.


Blackout blinds are not only for bedrooms or accommodation. Sola-Cure has supplied blackout blinds on passenger ferries. In these cases, they were fitted in the main seating area. Passengers wishing to remove heat or glare, can pull the blind down. Blackout blinds are also used in restaurants, bars and the casino on some ships. Sola-Cure’s black out blinds can be installed in many different areas of the vessel. Their blinds are neat and stylish. The cassette holding the blind is very small which is important in cabins and small areas. For a truly unique style, Sola-Cure can powder coat the cassette and rail to match the blind material. 



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