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(min) - 13.6VDC (max) Adjustable Output

Item: ILSPCI121207
Price: $240.00

10.8VDC-30VDC, 60W

Item: IL6183
Price: $185.00

Item: IL-LED150WDC12V
Price: $235.00

Item: ILIM80200
Price: $199.00

Item: ILDBHLG-600H-24
Price: $685.00

Converts USB Media Port to a 5V Charging Port

Price: $35.00

12-14.4VDC Output (adjustable)

Item: ILSPCI121220G2
Price: $505.00

PWM/0-10V Input, PWM Output, 120W, use with AcXentâ„¢ Fixtures

Item: IL-ACXDIM-120W
Price: $142.00

Item: IL-LED150WDC24V
Price: $235.00

(19-33VDC Input, 13.7VDC Output)

Item: ILSVC241207
Price: $175.00

on/off, 6-32V Input, 12V or 24V Output

Price: $75.00

Item: IL-LED100WDC24V
Price: $205.00
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