Designed and manufactured in Italy by Vimar®, Imtra (dba Vimar USA) is proud to offer the ever popular Idea Series. For two decades, the Vimar Idea Series has been the overwhelming choice of decorative switching for boat builders worldwide.  Its enduring qualities and timeless design extend the popularity of the Vimar Idea Series to this day. The Idea Series’ range of devices boasts over two hundred functions (switches, dimmers, outlets, sockets, etc…) in two device colors; bone white or anthracite grey. Two distinct cover plate styles are available; “Classica” (referred here as square) and “Rondo” (referred here as round). Furthermore, each cover plate style is offered in a variety of popular materials including plated metal, natural wood, and technopolymer, with over fifty color & finish selections. With Idea, the installation solutions are numerous, and freedom of choice is maximized!


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3 Modules

Item: VM16743.D.15
Price: $10.90

Clear Cover, 3 Modules, White

Item: VM16813.Q.B
Price: $18.10

Item: VM16608.B
Price: $86.10

0.1W, Amber

Item: VM00935.A
Price: $6.20

(NO/NO+NO/NO), 2P/2T, 10A, 250V, Grey

Item: VM16155
Price: $32.30

Brushed Nickel 34, 3 Modules

Item: VM16753.34
Price: $34.60

Idea White 04, 3 Modules

Item: VM16743.04
Price: $5.80

2 Modules, SICURY, White

Item: VM16211.B
Price: $21.20

2 Modules, SICURY, Grey

Item: VM16211
Price: $21.20

250V, Grey with Symbol 17 (Fan)

Item: VM16005.17
Price: $15.00

Brushed Nickel 34, 1 Module

Item: VM16781.34
Price: $29.80

Support Frame Included

Item: VM13745.Q.A
Price: $20.70
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