No marine LED lighting installation is complete without a high quality switching system.  Choose a reliable switching system with an intuitive interface for seamless-control of your yacht's lights.  Imtra is the source for Vimar:  Our industry's most popular and appreciated decorative switching system.  We are pleased to offer a full selection of Vimar products including switching devices and decorative cover plates for the marine market.

Imtra is Your Source for Vimar® Switching

 Vimar's Ark√© Series offers:

  • Two switch device colors: anthracite grey or white
  • Plate material and finishes available in metal, wood, aluminum, technopolymer and painted technopolymer
  • Smooth switch operation while maintaining visual alignment whether the switch is on or off
  • Easily integrated into By-me automation systems

 Vimar's EIKON World offers:

  • Three Switch device choices: white, anthracite grey or "Next" silver
  • Round or square cover plates in choice of several materials & finishes including aluminum alloys, Corian©, exotic woods, varieties of stone, crystal and natural leather
  • Noiseless switch rocking action
  • Lower profile creating a more decorative piece between device and cover plate
  • Easily integrated into By-me automation systems

 Vimar's timeless IDEA Series offers:

  • More than 200 functions in 2 device colors (idea white & anthracite grey)
  • Round or square cover plates in 52 colors and 3 different materials such as die-cast metal, technopolymer and silk
  • Completely modular approach to integrate with Vimar's By-me automation system - allowing you full control of lights and blinds from touch screen, control unit or bulkhead mounted switch

Interested in purchasing Vimar switching?