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No marine LED lighting installation is complete without a high quality switching system. Choose a reliable switching system with an intuitive interface for seamless control of your yacht’s lights. Imtra is the source for our industry’s most popular and appreciated decorative switching system; Vimar®. As direct importer, Imtra is also known as Vimar USA. Designed and manufactured in Italy, Vimar® switching is available in four distinct collections; Idea®, Eikon®, Eikon-EVO®, and Plana®. Each Vimar series boasts over two hundred functions (switches, dimmers, outlets, sockets, etc…) with dozens of cover plate choices in a variety of configurations including vertical, horizontal, single or multiple module. Shapes include square or rounded corners with slightly raised or ultra-flat profiles. Material choices include techno polymer, solid wood, natural stone, plated & stainless steel, glass, or designer materials such as carved stone, natural leather, beveled crystal, and Corian®.  Finally, for the ultimate in on-board lighting command & control, check out the Vimar By-me Marine® automated lighting control system. It is user-friendly, easy to program, and simple to install & maintain. To learn more about Vimar switching or the By-me® system, we invite you to peruse our web pages or if you like, simply download a Vimar catalog. The Download menu is accessible on each product’s web-page or find the Vimar catalog you want under our Support & Download’s tab at the top of the page.


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3 Modules

Item: VM16743.D.15
Price: $10.90

Clear Cover, 3 Modules, White

Item: VM16813.Q.B
Price: $18.10

Item: VM16608.B
Price: $86.10

0.1W, Amber

Item: VM00935.A
Price: $6.20

(NO/NO+NO/NO), 2P/2T, 10A, 250V, Grey

Item: VM16155
Price: $32.30

Grey, 1 Module

Item: VM20345
Price: $33.70

Brushed Nickel 34, 3 Modules

Item: VM16753.34
Price: $34.60

Idea White 04, 3 Modules

Item: VM16743.04
Price: $5.80

2 Modules, SICURY, White

Item: VM16211.B
Price: $21.20

2 Modules, SICURY, Grey

Item: VM16211
Price: $21.20

250V, Grey with Symbol 17 (Fan)

Item: VM16005.17
Price: $15.00

Brushed Nickel 34, 1 Module

Item: VM16781.34
Price: $29.80
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