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3M Length with 5-pin connector-ends

Item: LM240121
Price: $79.00

for Supra Series and EOS Surface-Mount

Item: LM600202
Price: $59.00

12V, IP66

Item: LM390050
Price: $499.00

for Intuitive Control of all EOS Features (for SMX92/152 models)

Item: LM600203
Price: $950.00

Item: LM240099
Price: $299.00

Supports up to 4 EOS Surface-Mount Lts

Item: LM600179
Price: $201.00

for TIX Flush Fit Thru-Hull HD Camera

Item: LM240111
Price: $89.00

for THX/TIX Supra 402, 802 and 1602 models

Item: LM600252
Price: $229.00

Exclusively for TIX402 EOS Color Change Lights

Item: LM600296
Price: $201.00

Item: LM240078
Price: $89.00

Item: LM240077
Price: $59.00

Dash & Wireless Control of all EOS Features (SMX92/152 models)

Item: LM600204
Price: $1,150.00
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