Miscellaneous Parts
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Used on Models SE120IP, SE130IP and SE170IP

Item: SM71457
Price: $80.00

all 300mm DC Tunnel thrusters

Item: SM201440
Price: $2.00

used on 185mm Tunnel Thrusters

Item: SM61220
Price: $1.50

Single, grey

Item: SM68911
Price: $2.60

Used on Models SP125, SP155, SP200

Item: SM101340
Price: $1.50

Used on models SP35, SP40,SE40, SP55, SE60

Item: SM61284
Price: $0.50

Used on all models

Item: SM61267
Price: $0.25

Used with 14mm shaft. 14.22.7

Item: SM61350/14MM
Price: $6.00

Used On 4HP SP55, SP75, 7HP, SP95 Oil Fed Gear leg

Item: SM61210
Price: $1.50

Used on models SP220, SP285TCI and SP300HYD

Item: SM201340
Price: $2.00

Used on SE30, SE40, SP30-, SP35 and SP40

Item: SM31250
Price: $1.50

Used for stern thruster install of all thrusters

Item: SM61278B
Price: $31.00
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