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I was at the Toronto boat show last weekend. I saw a Lofrans Project 1500 ( or could have been a 1000) and the end of the motor had control box attached. Is this standard? I thought the control box was a separate item.
My windlass calls for 5/16" ACCO G40 chain, what is the difference between that and your HT (G43) chain or your Stainless 316 (sized as G43)? Will your G43 work in my windlass without jamming it up?
I am installing my Muir Windlass (MSS/C850-2200). How tight should the bolts used to secure the gearbox adaptor be? Are there any factory recommended torque specs?
I have a model V9112 Glomex antenna that the top blew off this past fall. It still works. Will the model GXV9125ASSY replace it?
Is the PowerLED PWM Dimmer Module compatible with non-IMTRA LED fixtures? I was planning on using a mixture of Hatteras, Hobart and non-IMTRA under cabinet LED fixtures. Would the PowerLED PWM Dimmer Module work for the non-IMTRA fixtures?
Where could I find the wiring instructions for an electric thruster?
What type of connector should I use for my TV antenna installation?
Can I get parts for my Muir windlass gearbox and motor?
I have a Sidepower 155TCI bow thruster. When I push both on buttons to turn on the thruster the light is orange color ....should it not be green, and if so what may be wrong? I have 24V at the thruster and it seems to work but I thought the light on the control should be green?
I have three Nauta bladder tanks installed in my boat. I plan to leave them in the boat long term without fuel in them. Should I treat the bladders with anything inside if I plan to leave them empty for a long time?
Can the Windlass Control Box Solenoids be mounted any way other than posts up?
Which thruster would you recommend for a Catalina C387? SE60 or SE80? The SP75 had been recommended in the past.
What maintenance does my Lofrans windlass need?
My clutch nut was sheared off by over turning it with handle inserted. How do I go about taking the thing apart to replace the clutch nut? Where can I get a clutch nut?
I have a LOFRANS AIRON 1000W winch on my 1988 NImbus 4000. Where is it marked on the gypsy as what the correct chain size should be? It appears to be one of the 8mm short link types.