The world's first economical Dynamic Trim Control System, incorporates a state of the art series of durable, fast-acting interceptors, eliminating the well-known trim problems of planning and semi-planning boats between 20-60 feet. The system is fully automatic and significantly enhances performance, fuel economy, comfort and safety when accelerating, turning or running in a seaway.

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  • A fully automatic and active trim control system.
  • Each control panel has a built-in GPS, 3D-Gyro 
    and 3D-Accelerometer.
  • Ideal for boats ranging from 20-60 feet in length.
  • Built-in quality, simplicity and easy expansion, yet affordable.
  • 5-10 times faster than conventional trim tabs.
  • Automatically minimizes wave resistance &
    reduces fuel consumption by 10-12%.
  • Dynamically eliminates uncomfortable and dangerous
    boat pitch and roll while underway.

Straight interceptors are available in 4 sizes (300, 450, 600 & 750mm). V-shaped interceptors (450mm) available in 4 sizes that cover dead rise angles of 13°, 16°, 19°, and 22°.

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and how it can transform your boating experience.


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System Overview