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Side-Power SM240TCi, 24V Thruster

Side-Power 240TCi Thruster, 24V
For yachts from 60-84', The 240TCi thruster makes a great choice.  A muscular 15.5HP motor drives up to 660 lbs of thrust through a 12" tunnel.  Like others in the TCi range, it features twin counter-rotating props to maximum power.  Safety is standard (as always) with Sidepower's patented IPC control system.


Other items to consider when purchasing a new thruster:
  • Bow Tunnel or Stern Tunnel
  • Control Panels and Remote Controls
  • AutoMainswitch, Battery Disconnect, Fuse & Fuseholder
  • 4-Wire Harnesses (when not using AutoMainswitch)
  • 5-Wire Harnesses (for use with AutoMainswitch)

Price: $10,300.00
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