Our Environmental & Sustainability Efforts

Since 2012 Imtra has made an effort to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide we are responsible for releasing into the Earth's atmosphere. We installed solar panels and our goal was to generate all the electricity that we use in a year. We have generated over 1 million kilowatt-hours of power since installation in November of 2012. In the past 2 years, we have generated more power than we have used. 


In 2020 and 2021 we installed new air conditioning and air handling units throughout the building. In the past, we had no other choice, but to heat or cool our headquarters. Since the new units were installed, we utilize natural ventilation meaning we bring fresh air in from the outside. Like opening the windows in your house or car instead of using the AC, at Imtra we bring fresh air in from outside and only heat or cool it when necessary. This allows us to replace previous stale office air with fresh outdoor air, regulate internal temperatures and humidity, and maintain a sustainable building environment.

LED Lighting

LED lights have a smaller Carbon Footprint because they emit 80% fewer greenhouse gases than incandescent bulbs with the same luminosity. In 2016 we upgraded our lighting on the exterior of the building, in the offices, warehouse, lobby, and kitchen to LED in conjunction with the Eversource Rebate Program. 

We also pride ourselves on being a leading manufacturer in the marine lighting market and your complete source for quality marine lighting and yacht lights. When it comes to our superior LED lights, we know it is important to combine these attributes with proven LED electrical design, efficient optical design, thermal management, and high-quality electrical and electronic components.




Carbon Neutral Shipping

UPS offer their customers the ability to counterbalance the carbon dioxide emissions generated by the transport of their packages through carbon offsetting. Since 2020 Imtra has participated in this program to offset our UPS CO2e emissions. Our efforts support emission reduction projects that help mitigate the climate impact of shipping parcels.

Wind & Solar Energy

For more than 40 years Maximum, Imtra's sister company, has worked to enhance our anemometers to meet the strict demands of the Global Wind Energy Industry. These modifications have resulted in Maximum's #40 Anemometer being adopted as the standard anemometer for wind energy assessment campaigns. Maximum Anemometers are also used in the solar energy industry in conjunction with tracker controller systems to change the angle of solar panels when winds have the potential to cause damage to the panel.