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Horizontal anchor windlasses mount the chainwheel and capstan on either side of the on-deck housing which usually contains both the motor and gearbox. Horizontal windlasses make very good choices for boats with little space below deck to mount the motor and gearbox. Most horizontal anchor windlasses retrieve rope and chain separately. For this reason, most owners of horizontal windlasses choose all chain rodes. The lead of the anchor rode on the horizontal should also be in line with the plane of the chainwheel.


Mounting Locations

An anchor windlass should normally be mounted on the yacht’s centerline with the chain in close alignment to a line drawn from the Chainwheel through the bow roller (or chock) to straight ahead in the water. It is important, especially for combination rodes, to locate your windlass so that, as rope is stripped from chain-wheel or drum, it can “fall” directly into the rope locker.

The location and depth of an anchor locker are important elements in a windlass installation. When the rode is in the anchor locker, the top of the anchor rode should be a minimum of 16’ below the underside of the deck. The anchor locker should also be positioned so the chain and rope feed through the windlass deck plate or hawsepipe directly into the deepest section of the anchor locker.

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Item: MHR2500012E
Price: $4,900.00

12V/700W, 1/4"HT Gypsy

Item: LW290W-FF-1/4
Price: $1,900.00

12V/700W, 1/4"HT Gypsy

Item: LW290W-1/4
Price: $1,800.00

Item: MHR1600012E
Price: $4,000.00

Item: MHR3500012E
Price: $6,750.00

12V/700W, 5/16"HT Gypsy

Item: LW290W-5/16
Price: $1,800.00

Item: LW635

Item: LW250AN
Price: $1,350.00

Item: MHR4200024E
Price: $9,500.00

Item: LW500AN
Price: $5,950.00

12V/700W, 5/16"HT Gypsy

Item: LW290W-FF-5/16
Price: $1,900.00

Item: LW375AN/1
Price: $2,775.00
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