Den Haan Rotterdam Navigation Lights 

Green, white and red DHR40 LED boat navigation lights

Since 1922, Den Haan Rotterdam (DHR) has been manufacturing high-quality professional grade signaling and lighting equipment for the maritime industry.  Today, this ISO9002 certified Holland manufacturer is regarded as a leader in LED Navigation Lighting Systems for the commercial and yachting markets. DHR and Imtra have recently combined their talents to bring this feature-packed range of LED Navigation Lights to North American customers as the US exclusive importer of these lights.  

DHR LED Navigation Light Features

  • Reliable and rugged lights for heavy-duty applications
  • Robust electrical design featuring potted integrated drive electronics
  • Long operational lifetime, maintenance free and energy saving
  • Redundant back-up LED module integration
  • Conformity to CE-EMC standards assuring zero radiated or conducted emissions
  • Compliance with COLREG 72 and applicable EC Directives  
  • User serviceable parts and repair kits readily available

DHR Navigation Lights Resources

  Imtra brochure for DHR navigation lights
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KOTUG with DHR Navigation Lights

Photo Credit: Robert Allan