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Lumishore EOS SMX153, RGBW (Color Changing), 36W


10-31VDC, Bronze, IP68

This is an independent full functional RGBW (color changing) light that can also be added to an existing EOS SMX153 color changing system. When combined with the plug-and-play EOS i-Connect Hub and EOS Mini WiFi Controller, you can enjoy such features as pre-set colors, color cycle & sweep, fixed, random and & synchronized strobe, and the Lumishore's exclusive Sound-to-Light feature. You can connect up to 4 lights on a single Lumi-Hub, and up to 8 lights on two.

Now with Lumi-Link™ MFD (multi-function display) Integration, just one cable connects your Lumishore lighting system to a Garmin OneHelm™.  

Price: $869.00
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