Out of the Veneto region of Italy comes a triumph of beautiful shapes, premium finishes, and intelligent technology. Vimar, the leader in decorative switching and automated controls has truly achieved design excellence with its latest ultra-thin profile designer switching series;  Eikon.  Square, symmetrical and precisely flat in profile, the Vimar Eikon switches meet the very latest design trend projecting only millimeters from its mounting surface. A convenient and attractive way to control a vessel's lighting, ventilation and entertainment, as well as other appliances and onboard accessories, the Vimar Eikon Switching wall plates and switches introduced by Vimar USA (Imtra) are the ideal solution for discerning boat owners and captains, and will be appreciated by all guests and crew on board.

The Eikon line elevates on board switching to the highest standards in style, mechanical design and function. Featuring elegant geometries, the Vimar Eikon Switching System offers essential details including a distinctive chrome plated frame that surrounds the controls. Plate sizes are available to accommodate 2-module, 3-module, 4-module and 7-module switch configurations. Special combination plates are also available for vertical or horizontal mountings that accommodate two x two, two x three, and two x four modules.

The Vimar Eikon World Switching System is available in six exclusive materials — aluminum alloys, Corian®, exotic woods, varieties of stone, crystal and natural leather. Each material is meticulously selected and crafted in the Italian tradition. A patented joint-pin system ensures extremely quiet, "soft action" manipulation of devices and switch controls. An exclusive "Plack-Clack" attachment system makes installation of switch components virtually effortless, and allows the Eikon components to be quickly and easily installed or removed from the front of the cover plate assembly. Backlighting symbols and customized labeling is available. Like the entire Vimar product line, the Eikon Switching System available through Vimar USA (Imtra) is backed by a three-year warranty.

The latest designer wall plate & switching system direct from Italy, Vimar's latest creation is truly an Evolution of aesthetics and technology. 

  • Exclusive materials selection, including aluminum alloys, Corian®, Exotic woods, varieties of stone, crystal and natural leather.
  • Square and symmetrical "elegant" geometries.
  • Essential detail, including chrome plated border that surrounds the controls.  
  • Ultra slim profile. 
  • Patented joint-pin system ensuring quiet, "soft
    action" manipulation of devices.  
  • Exclusive "Plack-Clack" attachment system allows devices to easily be installed/removed through front of cover plate assembly.
  • Backlighting symbols and customized labeling.

See first hand the aesthetic appeal and technological advancements of the
Eikon range.
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