Side-Power’s revolutionary “SEP” Speed Control DC Thrusters provide the exact amount of power and control for easy boat maneuvering, eliminating the need to pulse full power on and off like traditional thrusters. A PROportional Thruster provides fingertip throttle control and extended run time capability.  The system allows boaters to select their desired level of thrust in any weather or sea condition. The easy to set “Hold” function, is useful for holding a boat in place against the dock for short-term maneuvers like guest pick up or drop off.  Plus for this upgrade you don't have to take your boat out of the water!     

A Speed Control DC Thruster System contains three main elements – a PROportional Joystick Control, a PROportional Power Controller, and the DC Electric Thruster – all joined together with the New S-Link Control System. 

The PROportional Joystick Control features a back-lit LCD display that provides instant feedback to the user. System status, amount of thrust and direction of thrust, as well as thruster temperature and remaining run-time are shown in real time. Important user warnings and alarms are given both on the screen and via audible alarms if necessary.


Documented SEP upgrade of Back Cove 30

Get more functional use out of your thruster. Go PROportional and get the longer run times and smoother performance usually associated with hydraulic systems, without replacing your thrusters!  IMTRA is offering an easy PROportional Thruster Upgrade Program for any On-Off Thruster System (other brands too) at a fraction of the cost of a new thruster.

Learn more about the program and how simple we've made it for you in 3 easy steps!