Designed in Sweden with over 30 years of experience, Roca is one of the world's leading suppliers of wiper systems with an expansive range.

Roca's wiper systems feature a maximum reach from 21" to 70.5" (533mm to 1790mm) and they are compatible with most manufactures.

Built for the harshest environments and made of high quality materials, Exalto products are engineered to provide many years of reliable service.

Exalto offers a range of systems with a maximum reach from 46.9" to 88.5" (1190 to 2250mm) and they are compatible with most common manufacturers.


Finding The Right Blade

There are few ways that a wiper blade can mount to a wiper arm. The 3 most common attachments where the arm and blade meet are a
J-Hook-Slot connector, a straight end connector, and a bolt through type. If you’re unsure on how your blade attaches to the arm, please call (508.995.7000) a member of our insides sales team to help you select the right blade.

Download our wiper specification chart more detailed information.