Luminell sets a new standard for intelligent searchlight solutions and enhanced visibility at sea. Initially utilized by pilot craft, Colorlight searchlights today are in heavy use in all commercial marine segments. Colorlight's outstanding reputation is based on its dedication to three primary areas of focus: visibility, versatility and control, and value. Imtra offers a range of Colorlight models for
high output visibility, ultraviolet, and optical and thermal visibility.

 Advantages of the All NEW CLite2 LED Searchlight

  • Energy saving dual high output (HO) 250W lamp heads - 40,000 lumens!
  • Modern and functional design
  • Reliable and durable construction
  • Continuous maneuverability for superior sea area coverage
  • Unlimited 360° rotation on both axis for versatile use and flexibility in installation
  • Would typically replace a 1,000 Watt halogen searchlight

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Luminell searchlights are found on every type of vessel including Mega Yachts, Offshore supply vessels, Merchant Marine, Naval, Coastguard, Tugboats, Fishing Vessels, SAR, Icebreakers and many others.

Luminell's outstanding reputation can be attributed to its dedication to three primary areas of focus:

Visibility: HMI high visibility "daylight" technology. Special frequency UV "black light" for poor visibility & oil detection. Proprietary reflectors with adjustable flood/spot output. Superior light range and distribution

Versatility & Control: Unlimited vertical and horizontal maneuverability and control. Dual head searchlights provide efficient use of power and brightness level. Light spectra options available, such as HMI "ice light" for ice detection or UV-light for oil spill detection. Open protocol for seamless integration with existing navigation system. Options for sweep, surveillance, fixed positions, and network synchronization

Value: Cost efficient to install, operate and maintain - no planned maintenance service for first 10 years! Brushless digital controlled servo motors provide 15,000+ hours no maintenance service. IP66 acid-proof stainless steel housing with durable powder coat finish. Quick and straightforward installation including plug and play connections. Each unit is supplied with four mounting bolts, two power cables, and an Ethernet control cable.

Check out this short clip of a Luminell Searchlight in action!  

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