Beginning in 1996, the development of Luminell Sweden (formerly Colorlight) has been driven by the needs and requirements ofvessel operators and ship owners.  Founded on the idea to simplify and improve professional marine searchlights, Luminell began with local pilot craft and today has expanded to every segment of the marine market worldwide. Luminell spots and searchlights are found on every type of vessel including mega yachts, offshore supply vessels, merchant marine, naval, Coastguard, tugboats, fishing vessels, SAR, Icebreakers and many others.
Luminell's outstanding reputation can be attributed to its dedication to three primary areas of focus; visibility, versatility & control, and value.  
Visibility: Luminell's use of HMI technology, proprietary reflectors, UV light, and dual lenses have resulted in extreme efficiency, high visibility “daylight” output, unmatched color rendering, and superior light range & distribution.
Versatility & Control: Luminell's signature dual head design offers unlimited vertical and horizontal maneuverability and control. Operate with a single lamp head to reduce energy consumption or with both lamp heads for maximum brightness.  Also unique to this design is the ability to combine different light spectra (e.g. HMI, UV, LED, halogen) to suit the conditions. Control of the lights can be easily set up in a network for access and operation from any operator position. The light’s open platform (CAN bus, Ethernet compatible), also provide seamless integration with the ship’s navigation system (or combat management system). Software packages are available for synchronized control, position indicating, step-less speed control, sweep, surveillance and fixed positioning.
Value: Luminell fixtures are engineered for long term, no maintenance performance and use only the highest quality materials and components. The mechanical movements are embedded within its IP66 acid-proof stainless steel housing. All movements are digitally controlled by brushless servo motors designed for 15,000 operating hours, resulting in no planned maintenance the first 10 years of operation! Installation is “plug and play” and each unit is supplied with all necessary mounting hardware and power/control cables; ideal for new builds or retrofits.


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