For the ultimate in on-board lighting command & control, By-me Marine® by Vimar, distributed by Vimar USA, offers an automated control system that is intuitive, easy to program, and simple to install & maintain. The Vimar By-me Marine® system, with its marinized mechanical features and conformal coated electronics, has been designed to be compatible with any type of sea-going vessel. Seamlessly integrated with the Vimar® Idea and Eikon series, it will satisfy the aesthetic requirements of any lifestyle. 

By-me is an easy-to-program Bus system for the coordinated management of all functions traditionally controlled using standard devices such as switches, dimmers, and roller/blind systems. In traditional switching systems, these devices are not able to interact and therefore cannot be programmed or managed from a single supervision point. With By-me however, the ship’s electrical installation is integrated into a centralized system, allowing for extremely effective regulation and control.
By-me is also compatible with Konnex networks to guarantee compatibility with the thousands of products made by companies associated with Konnex, one of the international standards for home and building automation.

Simply by pressing a button or touchscreen, the user can select one of 32 different temperature, lighting and comfort scenes, configured according to daily needs. This reliable and automatic system is also controllable via web apps for iOS, Android, or Windows compatible devices while on board or away from your vessel. All functions are integrated into an autonomous system which continually adapts to the user's changing demands. Complemented by the Eikon and Idea series , the Vimar® By-me Marine® control and automation system blends in seamlessly with any interior setting.

The features of the Vimar By-me Automated Lighting & Blind Control Series include:

  • Automated control for lights, blinds & shades
  • Programmable scenes for coordinated control of lights and blinds
  • User interface via 10” touch panel, traditional switches, SMS, web server. Also mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows phones/tablets
  • BUS cable backbone means fewer cables, less weight, smaller size conduit and greater safety
  • Marinized components for harsh marine environment

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