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Vimar's new flush-mounted USB ports were created to simplify everyday life by allowing you to quickly recharge your electronic devices.  This is possible thanks to the unique characteristics of these ports. Vimar USB ports are among the most powerful on the market. The 1-module version – whose reduced size makes it ideal for adding to existing systems where space is limited and new plugs cannot be added – can deliver an electric current of 1.5 A. The 2-module version, which also features a High Power outlet, can provide up to 2.1 A. This makes it possible to recharge even the most powerful devices in less than 6 hours. Available in various module sizes/colors for seamless integration.


100-230VAC Input Voltage, 50/60Hz

Item: VM20295.B
Price: $76.30

1 Module, White

Item: VM20292.B
Price: $49.70

100-230VAC Input Voltage, 50/60Hz

Item: VM20295
Price: $76.30

1 Module, Grey

Item: VM20292
Price: $49.70

100-230VAC Input Voltage, 50/60Hz

Item: VM20295.N
Price: $82.70

1 Module, Next (Silver)

Item: VM20292.N
Price: $54.10